For the attention of Silknet users!

Jan 1, 2100

The technical works of Gigabit LTE project are underway in Silknet mobile network, which aims to increase the bandwidth and improve the internet speed.

The works throughout Tbilisi will continue until the end of December 2021. At the same time, continuous optimization is carried out - to improve the service and eliminate the shortcomings. In this regard, there are small delays and periodic gaps, which in most cases do not affect customer service.

The second phase of the project is planned for January-February 2022 in Tbilisi and the regions.

After the introduction of the new generation "Gigabit LTE" technology, Silknet provides customers with 7 times faster mobile internet than all other standards on the market. By all research, a network subscriber enjoys extremely fast, stable speed of internet. The network allows to offer flawless mobile internet service to much more subscribers. With this technology it is possible to: send large files, watch high-resolution videos without interruption, solve business issues promptly (via Internet / voice,  video or conference calls), get acquainted with news, use social networks, start online learning, have fun, to enjoy cognitive contents, have continuous communication with our loved ones from any part of the country.

Silknet apologizes for periodic delays!