The TV services provided in the Gori, Qutaisi and Batumi also offer special conditions

Jul 8, 2020

The campaign without changing the charges, with increased speed and more thematic packages of the television. 

For the users of the optic network, the speed of the internet for the selected Internet packages (10 MB; 20 MB; 35 MB; 50 MB) will be automatically increased by 20 MB/S, while for the customers of DSL Internet using the Economy Package, the offer within the Bust campaign (3 MB/S added speed) will be activated free of charge, if the technical conditions allow to increase the speed.

The TV services provided in the above cities and towns also offer special conditions 

For the customers of Silk TV, the thematic packages- “Plus“ /9 channels/,  „Cinema“/15 channels/ and „Silk Mix“(for the Standard package), which include the Silk entertainment channels, will be automatically activated. This term does not cover the Deluxe and Deluxe HD packages, while the customers already using the thematic packages, will not be charged for the costs of the packages during the following 2 years.    

The above advantages can be used by inhabitants of Gori, Kutaisi and Batumi who can get connected to the Silknet network via the hotline 2 100 100.

The registration will continue till (including) December 31 2017. The users will be able to benefit from the offer during 2 years.