Kaspersky Internet Security Multi - 2 Device (Not Available)


After ordering the service for 30 days using Anti-Virus - Free (for once only).  
Core complex decision for every device  Windows®,  Android™, Mac OS and iOS®  (Free Browsers) platforms.

  • Security for every device 
  • Blocking any internet threats
  • Safe online payments
  • Safe internet and SMS communication
  • Paternal Control
  • 24 Free technical help http://support.kaspersky.ru/support/contacts
  • Systematic Update of Anti-Virus Data
  • Licence for 2 Devices
Instalation Files:
system Requirements

Security for every device 

  • You can protect Windows, Mac or Android operating system devices by activation unite code. It is available to buy the license and use it for 2, 3 or 5 devices. During activated license you can reinstall the security from one device to another. In addition, you are able to secure unlimited iOS platform devices using \"Safe Browser\" application.

Blocking Internet Threats

  • Kaspersky Internet Security effectively blocks fraud or harming web pages and reliably protects harming or spy programs, as well as, stealing personal information. Be sure for your safety while surfing the internet.

Safe Online Payments

•  Anti-Fishing (Windows/Android/Mac OS), Safe keyboard for adding payment methods (Windows/Mac OS) technology \"Safe Payments\" provide protection of banking systems and PayPal , Яндекс. Деньги and e.t.c. also while online purchasing.

Security for SMS  communication

•  Antivirus and Anti-fishing technologies are blocking harming and fishing links, which can be transferred by Social Media, E-mail or other activities. In case of threat, users are informed via SMS.
Anti-Spam and Anti-Banner modules filter unwilling content.  
Paternal Control

•  Module \"Paternal Control\" enables parents to control usage of computers with Windows and Mac OS operating systems of their children: block undesirable content web-sites, restrict time of using internet and also, avoid transferring personal information.   

Universal Security

•  Optimized decision for Windows, Mac OS and Android operating systems, promptly blocks any internet threat.
It doesn\'t matter anymore, which payment system or social media communication you use, or what kind of searching engines you prefer, Kaspersky Internet Security - reliably protects you, your devices and valuable information! 


Security for Windows® 
Windows PC and laptop security - without decreasing internet speed! 

•  Protection from viruses, fraud and threat
•  Threat-containing web-sites and application blocking.
•  Payment Systems and Internet Communication security.
•  Confidential Information security.
•  Module „Paternal Control“

Security for Android
Security for Android devices and search engines (in case of stealing or losing)

•  Threat-containing web-sites and application blocking
•  Protection from viruses, fraud and threat
•  Searching engines for devices
•  Filter for undesirable calls or SMS
•  Incognito mode on device

Security for Mac OS
Protection from any threat on Mac OS 

•  Protection from any threat on Мас
•  Safe internet activities and operations
•  Safety of personal information
•  Module „Paternal Control\"
•  Comfortable Interface 
Security of iOS
iOS defence (key activation is not needed)
•  Safe Browser iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
•  Protection from virus infected and fraud web-sites
•  Blocking undesirable content
•  Free - Available on AppStore



Windows Protection

Viruses and Fraud Protection

Block Suspicious sites and apps

Security for financial transactions and communications

Personal information protection

Parents control

Android Protection

საფრთხის შემცველი აპლიკაციების და საიტების ბლოკირება

Locate lost/stolen Device

Filter Unwanted Calls/sms

Ios Protection

Мас–ისთვის ყველა სახის საფრთხისგან დაცვა

Internet Transaction Security

Personal information protection

Parents control

High Capacity and convenient interface

Ios Protection

Protection from Suspicious sites viruses and fraud

Block Unwanted web content)

Acailable for free at APPStore

Personal Firewall

USB Control

Windows® for PC and laptops 
•  Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 8 or later
•  480 MBs free space on HDD 
•  CD-ROM for program installation from CD
•  Microsoft Windows Installer 3.0 or later
•  Microsoft .NET Framework 4

For all Devices
•  Internet connection for product activation and minimal system requirements for systematic update.
Operating Systems 
•  Microsoft Windows 8.1 / Professional /  Enterprise  (32 bytes and 64 bytes*)
•  Microsoft Windows 8 / Professional  / Enterprise (32 bytes and 64 bytes*)
•  Microsoft Windows 7 initial / Home bases / Home extended / Professional / Max (32 bytes and 64 bytes*)
•  Microsoft Windows Vista® Home Basic / Home Premium / Business / Enterprise / Ultimate SP1 (32 bytes and 64 bytes*) 

Hardware Requirements 
•  Processor: 1 GHz
•  Memory: 1 GB (32 bytes) or 2 GB (64 bytes)
Operation Systems
•   Microsoft Windows XP Home / Professional  (32 bytes) SP3 or higher/ Professional (64 ბიტი) SP2 and higher

Hardware Requirements
•  Processor: 800 MHz
•  Memory: 512 MB 

Mac OS
•   Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 or 10.9 (Processor Intel®)
•   Memory: 1 GB
•   350 MB free space on HDD

•   Android 2.3 - 4.3
•   Min Screen Extention – 320 х 480
•   ARM - Processor
* Some functions are available for only 32 rank operation systems.


•   iOS 5.0  or later