Company Silknet invited the kids at Rustaveli Cinema.

Jun 5, 2019

Silknet invited the kids at Rustaveli Cinema.

Silknet made arrangement for employees' children to attended Christmas show and make joint trip to the 3D world of adventures. After the show kids were offered surprise gifts - each of them were presented with high quality, diverse candy products in the Silknet's branded Christmas packs.

It's been several years that Silknet celebrates holidays with employees' children.

The Tbilisi Marathon united over 2000 benevolent runners, including Silknet's personnel, to participated in the race.

`Once again, we are glad to have an opportunity to carry out charity activities, and on behalf of the company, make contribution to this noble act. The company also participated in the world marathon Wings for Life`- members of Silknet's team said.

It was 5th annual marathon this year. Fund raising exceeded GEL 23,000 that will be used to build first hospice in Georgia.