Increased DSL Internet Speed in Regions!

Jun 10, 2020

Increased DSL Internet Speed in Regions!

From today,in Dedoplistkaro, Sighnaghi, Tsnori, Akhmeta and Abastumani the customers will have the opportunity to be connected to the Internet at the increased speed without additional subscription fee.

The speed of the minimal package is 3 MB/S. The customers have the opportunity to choose from among various packages, each of up to 8 MB/SC and benefit from the renewed rates

The existing customers will be transferred to the standard packages automatically.

Also, from today, it has become possible in the above regions to provide the Silk TV services through the DSL technology. This feature will cover both the existing and new customers.

To get detailed news, a 24 h hotline service will be active at the phone number            2 100 100.