The presentation of Lasha Tabukashvili's new book

Jan 1, 2020

The presentation of Lasha Tabukashvili's new book was held at Radisson Hotel on September 27, with the support of the company Silknet.
 The play "Somewhere beyond the rainbow" tells a story of people's lives, the challenges of the modern world, hatred and love. Its characters are aged 20-22 years old. The work includes some remixes. The story of one meeting is described in an expressive, delightful and distinctively humorous manner. 

 "We are much honored that it is the company Silknet that introduces to the public a new play of the playwright, we Georgians are so proud of. We are confident that this exciting work will soon find its way towards the stage and attract the public attention the way as it was the case with many other famous works of the author"- added representatives of the company Silknet.

The author has produces such well-known works, as "Spring behind the windows", "Old waltz," "Taming Falcon", "Paths leading towards you", "So what if the wet lilac is wet" and "Snow white snow". His plays were staged in many countries. He is also the author of some twenty stories.
 Writer and playwright Lasha Tabukashvili Rustaveli Prize. New York Outstanding Drama Center, which bears the name of Eugene O'Neal, Lasha Smith twice in XX century the best playwrights in the list, and after the millennium, the all-time list of the hundred best playwright.

Writer and playwright Lasha Tabukashvili is the winner of Shota Rustaveli Prize. The famous drama center of New York bearing the name of Eugene N`Neal, has twice included him in the list of the 20th century's best playwrights. After that, he was also included in the list of best playwrights of all times.