The anniversary of New Mziuri was celebrated

Jan 1, 2020

On September 17, the anniversary of New Mziuri was celebrated. Within the campaign `Colour Mziuri`, the company Silknet organized a number of activities for children and their parents. The visitors had the opportunity to take memorable photos using  memogramma. The invited artists painted the faces of the children present there with their favorite characters.

A show of soap bubbles was held. The company offered the guests visiting Mziuri cafe with ice-cream and coffee. The children received many memorable gifts from the Silknet by whose support, the same event hosted the exhibition and sale of the items created by the beneficiaries of the social therapy house. The company has been cooperating with the house for the last few months and taking care of one of the beneficiaries. Subject to the foregoing at the company for several months and taking care of one of the beneficiaries. It has already been a year that the company Silknet makes its contribution to the upgrade of Mziuri. It installed a cable network and the high-speed Internet in its territory. Also, it provides free services to the social cafe New Mziuri.